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Introduction to Andrew Jones, Executive Coach

Andrew has been coaching leaders and professionals from MBA to C-level in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa for 12 years. He has lived and worked in Asia for over 30 years – based in Singapore since 1998. You can read more about his experience, credentials and client recommendations on his LinkedIn page

Andrew is a very experienced CV reviewer and career coach. He leverages both to give you a thorough review of your CV and cover letter.

Andrew subscribes to the Ashridge Business School Code of Conduct for Coaches. He will follow this Code in all terms including Responsibility, Competence, Confidentiality, Management of Work, and Public Statements.

What happens in the CV Review with Andrew?

After the you have completed your purchase you will get access to our CV and Cover Letter course materials.

We recommend that you work through the online course at least once to get the polish your documents before you send them to Andrew. for the review.

You can get a review with Andrew on any of your career brand collateral. Usually, that is a CV/Resume or Cover Letters, but it could also be your LinkedIn profile, portfolio or application.

Immediately after you complete your purchase you will see a form that manages you through these steps:

  1. First send us the documents you want Andrew to review
  2. Second book your zoom appointment on Andrew's calendar
  3. Then, Andrew will send you a marked up copy of your documents to work on during the zoom
  4. 90 zoom with Andrew to step through the feedback, redraft and plan follow up actions

If you have coaching hours with Andrew in hand, there's no need to book a separate CV review, you can use them for a CV Review.

Our CV and Cover Letter course walks you through the process to build both documents in detail and addresses

  • The value of a model CV
  • What is a CV, a Resume, a Cover Letter, Portfolio and Deal Sheet
  • How to build a model CV and tailor it to address a specific Job Description
  • When should I build my model CV
  • What options do you have to stop avoiding or procrastinating to work on your CV
  • How to analyse a Job Description or Job Ad for CV writing
  • How to make your CV stand out and fit in
  • How recruiters and employers use your CV
  • How to format your CV
  • How long should my CV be
  • How to optimize your CV for CV parsing or applicant tracking algorithms
  • The benefits of Chronological and Skills-based CVs
  • How to demonstrate your capability with your prior experience
  • How to map your achievement bullets to the Job Requirements
  • How to craft effective achievement bullets
  • How to choose the verbs for your achievement bullets
  • How to make your achievement bullets quantified
  • How to present Education, Language Proficiency, Personal Interests and other experiences
  • How to evaluate your CV
  • How to craft Summary and Objective statements
  • The use cases for Cover Letters
  • How to structure and write a Cover Letter

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we meet for?

Andrew meets with you for a 90-minute zoom consultation.

Where do we meet?

Virtual is the default mode of work - usually over zoom. However, we can arrange to meet face-to-face by mutual agreement.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing the CV Review, you'll receive further instructions on how to access Andrew's schedule and book a time for your first appointment.

When does my CV Review expire?

You can utilize your CV Review any time for 30 days after purchase. Please tell is if you need to extend. We'll be happy to help.

How do I buy the CV Review for a friend or colleague team?

On the check-out screen you will find an option to 'give as a gift'. Use this option and enter the email address of the person you are gifting to. Or, please contact us here email to discuss the options for buying in bulk and debriefing for groups.

Can I contact Andrew afterwards when I have questions?

Yes. You can contact Andrew by email to clarify questions for 30 days after purchase.

Can I purchase the CV Review more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself needing more than one, simply purchase the CV Review again, or consider buying coaching hours in bulk here if you expect to need them in future.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

No problem. Ask Andrew anything by email