Learning Objectives

In this module you can learn:

  1. Making Day -30 to Day 0 Action Plan
  2. How to scope the challenge, set priorities and make a plan for your first 90 days
  3. What to do between signing and joining
  4. How to keep in touch with your new Manager
  5. The common mistakes new joiners make
  6. Compensating for Onboarding lapses
  7. How to set your planning horizon?
  8. Making your Day 0 to Day 90 Action Plan
  9. Build the relationships and alliances you will need
  10. Manage your Personal Transition
  11. How to care for yourself
  12. Managing your Network through Transition
  13. What & when to tell your Network
  14. Preparing a First Impression
  15. One-to-one introduction
  16. Formal/Informal introduction to groups
  17. Getting to know the culture
  18. First meeting with you manager
  19. Assess your challenge in the new role
  20. Assess your own skills and development needs
  21. Assess your new team and its development needs
  22. How to make a plan: strategic and immediate
  23. C-Level priorities in the first 90 days
  24. Leader of leaders' priorities in the first 90 days
  25. Middle Management priorities in the first 90 days
  26. New Manager priorities in the first 90 days
  27. Mapping the flows of relational power
  28. Identifying and prioritizing key stakeholders
  29. Timing your first stakeholder meeting
  30. Managing your Probation period
  31. Managing Unexpected Probation Outcomes

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