Learning Objectives

Your CV’s job is to get you an interview. The CV does not get you the job.

Your CV must be "persuasively truthful" not "truthfully persuasive"

Mark Horstman

In this module you can learn:

The value of a model CV

What is a CV, a Resume, a Cover Letter, Portfolio and Deal Sheet

How to build a model CV and tailor it to address a specific Job Description

When should I build my model CV

What options do you have to stop avoiding or procrastinating to work on your CV

How to analyse a Job Description or Job Ad for CV writing

How to make your CV stand out and fit in

How recruiters and employers use your CV

How to format your CV

How long should my CV be

How to optimize your CV for CV parsing or applicant tracking algorithms

The benefits of Chronological and Skills-based CVs?

How to demonstrate your capability with your prior experience

How to map your achievement bullets to the Job Requirements

How to craft effective achievement bullets

How to choose the verbs for your achievement bullets

How to make your achievement bullets quantified

How to identify ambiguous and passive language in your CV and rewrite it

How to present Education, Language Proficiency, and Personal Interests

Should I include an Other Experiences section?

How to evaluate your CV

How to craft Summary and Objective statements

The use cases for Cover Letters

How to structure and write a Cover Letter

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