Learning Objectives

In this module you can learn:

  1. Why networking is essential at every stage of your career
  2. How you prefer to network and what type of networker you could become
  3. How to plan your networking
  4. Driving Visibility through networking
  5. How to change your networking at the different stages of your job change
  6. How to map and analyze your existing network
  7. How to leverage your personality traits for effective networking
  8. Using social media in your networking
  9. Using reciprocity for effective networking
  10. Understand the difference between strong, weak and dormant ties
  11. How to build and maintain your network
  12. How to ally with Bridges and Brokers
  13. Handling different types of contact behaviour
  14. How to purposefully expand & diversify your network to meet you specific career objective
  15. How to network at informal evening drinks gatherings
  16. How to network at formal events like conferences
  17. Making the most of online networking events
  18. How to balance Networking and work
  19. How to choose which networking opportunity to take

  20. The difference between one-to-one meetings and group events
  21. What is a coffee chat or informational interview
  22. How to invite someone for a coffee chat or informational interview
  23. How to script your coffee chat
  24. How to follow up after a coffee chat or networking event
  25. Plan, Track and Measure the Value of your Networking

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